The Most popular Music Website Dj Punjab

Dj Punjab is a very prominent site where you can get tons of music in Punjabi and the Hindi language. This also provides you best quality music and allows you to download it in the highest quality. The structure of the website is quite amazing where you can find any kind of music very easily because it has different links for every singer every genre and for every language too. So you don’t have to worry much about finding your favorite track.

Structure of Website

The structure of the website is amazing you will definitely have an exciting user experience because every song is categorized on the basis of its language, artist, and genre. If you want to search for any song you just needed to know about the genre or artist’s name and you can easily access that song. In the latter article, we will talk about the site’s structure.


When you search on google you will redirect to the homepage of the site where you can the newest songs right underneath the logo of DJ Punjab. You will get to know about the latest songs along with their genre and artist and language. When you scroll down a bit you will get into the Top Charts Zone where a page indicates the Top artists of the week, on that page, you will see the top 20 songs of the last week by top artists after every week this list has been changed. Next to it, 2 Top charts pages are situated one page indicates the top charts of the other one is reserved for top charts monthly.

The second zone of Dj Punjab’s homepage is Music Zone. It has links of 8 pages and every page stored different type of Songs these pages also contain several sub-pages among themselves which will be explored in this section. These pages and their sub-pages will be discussed ahead:-

  • Punjabi Music

As the name suggests, this page is totally dedicated to Punjabi music. You can download any song from here with the lowest to the highest quality for free. This page has 10 sub-pages that help you to find your perfect track and then download it, these pages are:-

  1. Latest New Punjabi Music Songs DjPunjab
  2. New Punjabi Albums
  3. Single Tracks
  4. Punjabi Songs Lyrics
  5. Top Punjabi Songs
  6. Singer Collection [A to Z]
  7. Punjabi Video
  8. Top 20 Albums
  9. Punjabi Recommended Albums
  10. All Albums [A to Z]
  11. Albums
  • Single Tracks

This is the era of single tracks and this page contains every single track released to date irrespective of its language and genre. You will find your desired single track on this page this page also has some sub-pages that provide better user experience. Subpages:-

  1. Punjabi Single Tracks
  2. Latest Single Track
  3. Punjabi Songs Lyrics
  4. Latest Single Track with player
  5. New Punjabi Albums
  6. Top 20 Songs (Week)
  7. Top 20 Songs (Month)
  8. Recommended Single Track [By DjPunjab Team]
  9. Single Track Artist Wise [A to Z]
  • Punjabi Songs Lyrics

If you are non-Punjabi but you listen to Punjabi music and vibe on them often but can’t understand the lyrics of it dj Punjab provides you the Punjabi song with the lyrics so you can understand it properly and then enjoy your good taste in music

  • Ringtones New

Everyone needs quality ringtones for their mobile phones so DJ Punjab has a separate section for ringtones only where you can get any ringtones you want and set them on your phone.

  • Punjabi Video

Dj Punjab is not only for Mp3 songs you can download Punjabi music videos from this page it has 5 different qualities of a music video so you user can decide which quality should be best for their device.

  • Singer Collection [All Artist]

If any particular artist is your favorite and you want to download every song of that artist then this page serves you the best on this page you will get the entire artist and by clicking on that artist you will get all the songs of that artist, and enjoy his music.

  • All Indian Music

This page is for all other regional songs or Hindi songs. Here you can have access to the songs of different languages.

As I tried to explain they all served a different purpose that enhanced the user experience in a good way.

After the Music zone, there is a Contact Us page alongside DMCA policy regarding copyrighted content of the songs. It means the site works fairly and is fully committed to its users.

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