Writing a methodology section with us

This section is all about explaining to you how to choose a research methodology and work on it until you are through with your research. Our writing a methodology section has experienced writers who are professionals in their right and are dedicated to doing their work to perfection. Their driving force is to see to it that the client is satisfied with the job. They give tips to clients on how it is done and how to come up with a perfect research for submission.

Methodology writing

When methodology writing, make sure to describe the exact procedures carried out to achieve the aim of the project; show a careful and methodical approach to the investigation; give the reader confidence in the study; provide sufficient detail for another researcher to replicate the study precisely. Some of the information that should be included in the methodology chapter: overview of the study; data collection methods used; sites investigated; materials used; equipment used; simulation carried out; statistical treatment of data collected; period of investigation; sample population surveyed; interview arrangements; construction of questionnaire or interview questions; reference to detailed information provided in appendices. This will all depend with your research method. Consult our professional research writers to get more information. They are online 24//7/365.

Writing a dissertation methodology

While writing a dissertation methodology and deciding on the information that needs to be included in the methodology chapter of your dissertation, careful thoughts needs to be given to the most logical order of presentation. One of the most logical ways to do this is to describe the procedure step by step in the order in which they were carried out. Language used and choice of tenses is a very important aspect here. The most common tenses used to describe a dissertation methodology are: simple present, simple past, simple future, present perfect, past perfect and present continuous. This is an area which has to be watched careful so that one doesn’t mess up with the whole dissertation. Once you mess up with tenses, it is very hard for the reader to understand exactly what you are up to in your dissertation.